12 Fitness Publications for Freelance Writers

12 Fitness Publications for Freelance Writers

Fitness and healthy living are always popular topics, but there is a heightened interest at the start of every year, as people around the world make New Year resolutions to get fit and live healthier lives.

Here are twelve fitness publications for freelance writers to consider.

American Fitness, USA

American FitnessThe official publication of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Considers queries and manuscripts on the subjects of health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, sports medicine, innovations and trends in fitness and sports, fitness marketing, tips on teaching exercise, humorous accounts of fitness motivation, physiology, women’s health and fitness issues. Pays $100-200. For submission guidelines, see the masthead of magazine.

Experience Life, USA

Experience LifeA health/fitness/quality-of-life magazine published 10 times per year. It’s also the membership magazine of Life Time Fitness, a large health and fitness organization with dozens of industry-leading facilities located throughout the country. Sections include Healthy Eating, Fit Body, Life Wisdom etc. Paying market.

HealthyLivinG, USA

HealthyLivinGA bimonthly magazine and website that “feeds the fundamental desire for a healthy and beautiful body”.

Pays up to $160 according to the table of rates on the guidelines page.

IDEA Fitness Journal, USA

IDEA Fitness JournalAn award-winning magazine and the professional voice of the fitness and wellness industry. Published 10 times per year. The mission is to inspire and educate fitness and health professionals with up-to-date industry information and comprehensive research on exercise physiology, weight management, nutrition, health promotion, wellness, sports conditioning, industry and programming trends, personal and professional growth, and more. Paying market.

Impact Magazine, Canada

Impact MagazineA bimonthly publication covering Calgary’s sport, health, and fitness world. Publishes content provided by experts in their fields in the areas of of health, fitness and performance. Paying market.

Inside Fitness, Canada

Inside FitnessA Canadian fitness magazine for men and women covering the latest trends in health, sports, strength and conditioning, fitness, nutrition, and more.

Paying market.

Mens Fitness, Australia

Mens FitnessA monthly health and fitness magazine for Australian men publishing articles on exercise, health, nutrition, training and sport. They also cover cars, movies, apps, adventure and travel, plus advice on women and sex. “It’s a one-stop shop for blokes who want to make their life better.” Paying market.

Shape, USA

ShapeA monthly lifestyle magazine for women covering fitness, exercise, nutrition, psychology, beauty and more.

High-paying market. Guidelines not available.

Trail Runner, USA

Trail RunnerA magazine for off-road running enthusiasts. Informs, entertains and inspires readers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors and to improve their health and fitness through the sport of trail running. Sources indicate pay is around $0.25 per word.

Triathlete, USA

TriathleteMagazine covering the sport of triathlon. Readers range from novice and competitive amateurs to professional athletes. Editorial focus is placed on multisport training tips and programs, nutrition articles, gear and apparel guides, athlete profiles, triathlon-related travel stories and timely news pieces relating to the triathlon lifestyle. Paying market.

Vibrant Life, USA

Vibrant LifeA bimonthly lifestyle magazine that promotes physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance from a practical, Christian perspective. Specific areas of interest include health, exercise, nutrition, self-help, family, spiritual balance, and environmental stewardship. Payment for articles ranges from $100 to $300.

Yoga Journal, USA

Yoga JournalA yoga magazine with 12 international editions. Topics include poses, breathing, meditation, health, nutrition and diet, cooking, natural skin, body care, and travel.

High-paying market.

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