Anne Rice Shares Her Advice on Writing

Anne Rice Writing Advice

In this short video, American author Anne Rice shares some of her personal insights into writing.

Up front, she explains, “You have to sit down and you have to write the book of your dreams. You have to write what you want to be known for. You have to create a universe of your own in print… and there’s only one way to do that. And there’s only one way to do that. And that’s to kick out the pages every day.”

Here are some of the other points she touches on in this video:

  • Go where the pain is: write about what hurts. Recall something that causes conflict and pain, and write about that.
  • Go where the pleasure is: write the exciting or interesting book that you would love to write.
  • Writing is a field where outsiders can break in.
  • If you don’t land a traditional publisher, there are some excellent ways to self-publish.

And don’t give up. Rice adds, “Believe me, the publishing world today is crying for new voices, new visions, new stories, new characters…. They want an original voice. They want somebody new and fresh.”

Gary McLaren

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