Best Book Marketing Ideas

Best Book Marketing Ideas - Hugh Howey's Dust

Hugh Howey’s Dust

In this series of posts, I share some of the best book marketing ideas I’ve heard about in recent years.

Best Book Marketing Ideas - Martian Summer

Andrew Kessler’s Martian Summer

Most of these books have gone on to become bestsellers but there will be a few exceptions. Why? It’s because when a book becomes a bestseller it is often the result of a combination of factors.

So even if a book didn’t become a bestseller, the book marketing idea that is featured here may have been a damn good idea anyway!

The best book marketing ideas are often those that are designed to build a strong brand around an author or a series of books. They are designed to generate the kind of ‘buzz’ that is likely to be shared through blogs and social media, and have a strong possibility of ‘going viral’.

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Best Book Marketing Ideas

  1. Hugh Howey’s Dust
  2. Andrew Kessler’s Martian Summer
  3. Seth Godin’s Purple Cow
  4. Gretchen McNeil’s Ten
  5. Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
  6. Book Marketing Idea #6 is scheduled to be added soon…

Do you like these book marketing ideas? Have you seen other great strategy employed by an author or publisher? Please leave a comment below.