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Best Advice for Writers in 2017 2

The Best Advice for Writers in 2017

What is the best advice for writers in 2017? In this post, I provide a round-up of some of the best, recent writing advice from industry experts. For convenience, I’ve organized this page into the following areas of writing and publishing: Best Advice for Fiction Authors Best Advice for Indie Authors Best Advice for Freelance Writers Best General Writing Advice Best Advice...

Book Making 70-Year-Old Documentary 1

What Can a 70-Year-Old Documentary Teach You About Book Making?

I recently came across this interesting 10-minute documentary showing how books are made. It was produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films in 1947 and, although so much has changed in printing and publishing over these 70 years, I was surprised at just how much is still the same. Mind you, our PC police and Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) representatives would definitely...

February 2016 Author Earnings Report 2

The February 2016 Author Earnings Report Is A ‘Must Read’

Two years ago, the very first author earnings report was published at It confirmed what many people already suspected – the market share of self-published ebooks was growing. Since then, quarterly snapshots have revealed a variety of trends in this new digital publishing world. The latest February 2016 Author Earnings Report has some very interesting data. In the February...