Social Media For Writers

Social Media For Writers

A 47-Page Book in PDF format
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A Quick Guide to Social Media for Writers

by Gary McLaren
47-page book in PDF format
Published: September 2015

“Writers should be active on social media.”

We hear that advice a lot. But why?

Are there some solid reasons, and do these reasons outweigh the cost, especially in terms of our time?

Author Gary McLaren explains, “I was rather late getting on Social Media compared to many other writers. I rationalized that I was too busy. I told myself that my computer was for ‘proper’ work only. I had no intention of silly socializing and twittering away my valuable time.”

“Then one day I took a closer look at Twitter. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a whole world of communication and activity happening, and I was totally missing out on it.

“I found writers tweeting about their latest projects and discussing future works. I found authors interacting with fans and discussing their characters. I found freelance writers connecting with potential clients. It was a real eye-opener.”

Social Media For WritersIn “A Quick Guide to Social Media for Writers”, you will find out:

  • Why You Should be Active on Social Media
  • The Best Social Media Networks for Writers
  • What You Should and Shouldn’t Do on Social Networks

PLUS you will receive:

  • 59 Ideas for What to Post on Social Media – with special suggestions for book authors and freelance writers
  • 33 Quotations on Writing – you can even tweet these quotes as they are less than 140 characters

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This book is 47 pages in PDF format.